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Each CMHC is assigned a service area consisting of one or several counties, and works cooperatively to assure the delivery of high quality behavioral health services in a continuous, coordinated fashion.

Satellite and outreach clinics, managed by respective CMHCs, are staffed in communities throughout our service areas to assure convenient access.

There are eleven member Community Mental Health Centers (CMHC) which comprise the South Dakota Council of Mental Health Centers.  

Just as a large medical group practice includes practitioners with many specialties to help people with medical problems, a CMHC has highly qualified professionals with many specialties to help people with emotional problems. These specialists may include: psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, counselors and case managers.

CMHCs have the ability to utilize the strengths of this diverse staff to provide quality services ranging from brief, counseling services to very intensive interventions designed to prevent a person from costly hospitalizations.

Many of the mental health centers have also responded to other needs in their communities by offering specialized counseling and educational programs for employers, physicians, attorneys, schools and nursing homes that may include services for:

  • Adult

  • Children & Adolescents

  • Schools

  • Employers

  • Legal & Medical Professionals

Adults with Major Mental Illness:

     Rehabilitation programs for teaching basic life, social, and pre-vocational skills.
     Residential programs such as transitional living, group homes, and supervised living, as well as housing assistance.
     Case management to help individuals obtain needed services with other agencies and find resources within their communities.
     Specialized education and outpatient therapy programs for those with schizophrenia, clinical depression, bi-polar, anxiety disorders, substance abuse problems, and other mental illnesses.
     Psychological testing and assessment.
     24-hour suicide intervention and emergency commitment of someone who is in danger of hurting themselves or others.
     Medication management and other psychiatric services.
  Vocational services such as supported employment, job coaching and job follow-along.

General Adult:

     Marriage, family, couples, group, and individual counseling.
     Personal enrichment and skill development workshops and presentations.
     24-hour emergency services.
     In-home, family-based services designed to keep families together.
     Family management services to help a child obtain needed support from other agencies and find resources in their communities.
     Treatment for attention deficit disorder (ADHD), autism, depression, anxiety, abuse and neglect.
     Treatment for adolescents related to teen suicide, stress, peer pressure, substance abuse, juvenile crime and violence.
     Consultation with school officials, court officials, and other professionals interacting with children and their families.
     Psychological testing and assessment.
     Psychological testing and evaluation.
     General counseling.
     Consultation with school counselors, administration, and parents.
     Employee assistance programs to increase employee productivity.
     Management training on a variety of topics: stress management, communication, life stage and pre-retirement adjustment.
     Federal Drug Free Workplace information.
     Critical incident intervention such as death of a coworker or violent act in the work place.


     Custody evaluations and home studies.
     Divorce and custody mediation.
     Psychological testing and assessment.
     Expert testimony.
     Addiction assessment.
     Mental status evaluations.


     Consultation on and referral services for psychological testing and assessment.
     Referral services for treatment of depression, stress and anxiety as a supplement to medications.
     Chronic medical illness emotional side effects and sick family syndrome.

Nursing Homes:

     Education for staff and families on Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia.
     Psychiatric evaluation and medication management.
     Psychological testing and assessment.
     All areas of individual, group and family counseling.
     Social work designee services.

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